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Abby C. Holauchock, Au.D. FAAA


After a medically necessary induction with our first child, we knew we wanted a different experience with the birth of our second child.  I was hesitant in hiring a doula and questioned whether or not it was really necessary for me.  After meeting with Josie, I felt at ease and knew I was making the right decision.  Josie was professional and always easy to contact.

We are a military family and it was extremely important to find a doula who was comfortable working in a military hospital.  Josie was not only comfortable but also had experience in that setting and many of the nurses were excited to see her the day I gave birth.  My labor came on quickly and three weeks early but Josie always remained calm and talked me through everything.  She is exceptionally experienced and knew we needed to get to the hospital quickly but never showed any signs of stress or worry.

Josie is incredibly kind.  She encouraged me to listen to my body but would step in and be more assertive when necessary.  She coached us through the quick labor and delivery beautifully and I am extremely grateful we had her support. With the help of Josie, I was able to labor at home for as long as possible and deliver a healthy baby boy without intervention or medication.  My husband and I would highly recommend Josie and would love to work with her again in the future.

The Wentworth Family


Working with Josie has been one of the biggest blessings in my journey as a mother. After a complicated delivery with my first, I was seeking change and a different birth experience. We hired Josie to help welcome our second daughter into the world and it was the BEST decision.

My goal to have a natural birth was made possible thanks to her constant encouragement, direction, and focus. She knew exactly what I needed at each moment and we were able to welcome our baby girl into the world with a natural hospital birth.

I can't recommend Josie and her team enough. You will not regret investing in the support that you need in such a precious time.

Liz mike and emily love having san antonis best doula Josie at thier birth.
Liz, Mike & Emily

We were first time parents and were looking for a doula to help us with a natural birth.  Josie was the first person we interviewed and after she left, my wife and I both agreed that we didn't need to interview anyone else.  Josie was the one for us.  Very sweet, kind and loving person and she made it clear she was there to support us in any direction we went in, not for her agenda.   She was with us the whole way, before birth: giving us information, what to expect, breathing and fitness/diet info and answering our questions during sit down sessions, as well as being available by phone/text/email any time.  During the birth, she was with us all 21 hours.  She was an active partner, teammate, consultant and friend.  She helped us in talking through decisions, helping my wife and I emotionally, and helping us with positioning, massage, multiple breathing/focusing techniques for a successful natural birth.  She also knew many of the hospital staff, who cheered when they saw her, which was comforting and helpful.  After birth she helped us with breastfeeding, bottle feeding and newborn care.  I was amazed at the effort and support that she gave us throughout this experience.  Josie is a blessing.  She puts her heart and passion into this service and because of that we had one of the greatest experiences of our lives.

Stacey, Sergio and Evangaline

It really was a blessing to have Josie as our doula for the birth of our first child. Through what was a long and sometimes difficult labor, Josie was with us every step of the way, encouraging and supporting us both. She helped us stick to our birth plan and to make the right decisions for us when it came time to adapt to a changing situation. She always advocated for us and made sure we were informed and that we had everything we needed throughout.


Josie was incredibly helpful in empowering dad to be a good birthing partner. Everything she taught him from massage to the intricacies of the birthing process itself gave him the tools to stand by mommy's side with confidence. She's a heck of a photographer too! 


Our birth experience would not have been the same without her. 

Chamillo, Yelina y Hugo

Al principio de mi embarazo yo estaba segura de poder tener a mi hijo natural y sin ayuda, pues con las clases que tomé todo se escuchaba fácil, pero no fue hasta llegar a mis 37 semanas que mi esposo realiza que el quizás no iba a tener el conocimiento debido para ayudarme a la hora del parto. El detrás de mis espaldas  hizo una búsqueda en el internet y por los testimonios tan emotivos, mi esposo decidió que tuviéramos una cita a ver si me interesaba, tan pronto conocí a Josephine, ella me explicó con mucha paciencia todo lo que tenía que ver con el parto y como ella me podía ayudar, ahí fue que me di cuenta que era buena idea tenerla como ayuda y a mi lado en el día del parto. 

Josie se dedicó por las siguientes semanas a enseñarme todos los procedimientos de antes, durante y después del parto, ayudó a mi esposo a que se sintiera más seguro con el proceso y a mí a confiar plenamente en ambos. Yo le doy gracias a Dios por haber puesto a Josie en nuestro camino, definitivamente mi experiencia de parto hubiera sido una completamente diferente y no muy buena, ya que gracias a Josie  mi esposo y yo pudimos traer al mundo naturalmente a nuestro hijo, Josie desde el momento que llego al hospital me mantuvo activa con ejercicios para que dilatara más rápido, se mantuvo constantemente orando por mí y por mi bebé, además que pudimos tomar decisiones sin miedo a que podía pasar, ya que gracias a Josie, estábamos bien informados.  Jamás olvidaré el momento que más dolor sentí el tener a Josie aguantando mi mano, mirándome a los ojos y dándome la paz que necesitaba, ella es de estos ángeles que te encuentras por bendición en la tierra. Ella es de estas personas que jamás olvidaras y que quisieras incluirla en tu familia y no dejarla ir.


I needed postpartum help! I did not know who to call. I had a very busy 3 year old and then I had newborn twins. My husband was put on the back burner. I cried a lot. There were just too many things that I could not take care of. I was only able to make sure all the kids were eating. I remembered a blip the nurse mentioned in the hospital about postpartum help.

I looked up the phone number and left a message. April called me back almost immediately. I burst into tears saying I needed help. She and Pat were so nurturing and not judgmental at all. They both came to meet my family and helped while they were there. They did anything and everything that I needed. Sometimes I just wanted to chat to another adult!  Other times I would leave my twins with them and have some one on one time with my older son. I would have never made it through without them.

I love both of them and will be forever GRATEFUL!

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