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Meet the Doulas
Josie Cawthon
Certified Doula (CD), Postpartum Doula (PPD), Childbirth Educator (CBE)
SA Birth Blessings, Owner
Doula Birth Blessings-19.jpg
Nina Cawthon
Certified Doula (CD)(DONA), Postpartum Doula (PPD), Certified Sleep Consultant

Hi, my name is Josie Cawthon I am a certified Doula and proud owner SA Birth Blessings. I have been married since 1984 and have 7 wonderful children, and 4 grandchildren. I became a childbirth educator in 1999 and a doula in 2000 through DONA, in Philadelphia, PA. When my family and I moved to San Antonio in 2003, I began working with San Antonio Birth Doulas, teach  and served on the board of Advisors. After having breastfed all of my children, I also lead breastfeeding classes to the San Antonio area and with all my clients.


I feel privileged to be able to help parents achieve their desired birth experience, as well as, assist as a postpartum doula during the adjustment period for the new family. I know that children are a blessing from God and that they are entrusted to us for a period of time to love, nurture, and guide. New parents need support and counsel and I am forever grateful for all the wise counsel that was gifted to me.

Nina has been with Birth Blessings since 2014, beginning as an administrative assistant. Her heart was naturally drawn to babies and children at an early age. At 13, she became a mother’s helper, continuing to babysitting and eventually became a full-time nanny. After graduating high school, she became even more involved with SA Birth Blessings.  Nina decided to take her next step confidently into the “Birthing World” after shadowing and witnessing the birth of that very first baby. She went on to take her DONA Doula certification course in 2015 and has completed her internship at SA Birth Blessings. Nina loves working as a birth and postpartum doula. She is known for making deep and loving relationships with the families she assists.

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Alexis Schafer

Doula in Training

7 yrs Licensed Paramedic

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Ashley Zamora


Alexis Schaefer works on our team and lives in San Antonio with her husband of 6 years and their two children Lacey (2) and Levi (9 months). Since she was little, she remember having a heart to serving others.  In 2010, Alexis pursued emergency medicine and became a Licensed Paramedic with a degree in Applied Sciences. She has been a paramedic for almost 7 years and is currently working at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio Downtown. Her interests in birth was sparked during her labor/ delivery rotations in college and was fully ignited in 2016 after the birth of her daughter. Personally, Alexis had an amazing birth experience, thanks to her doulas and birth team. Through this experience, she knew that she wanted to be a part of walking others through their own birth journeys and expanding families. Currently, a doula in training, she has a wealth of personal and emergency-based knowledge, but mostly wants to be a strong advocate for mothers and their families as they bring their babies earth side!

Ashley grew up outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she received her degree in Early Childhood Education. She then went on to work in various care settings with experience ranging from newborn to special needs adult care. After relocated to San Antonio in 2012, she began a family of her own and felt called to be more involved in the ever changing field of birth work. She is currently training to become a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula. While she enjoys postpartum care, with a primary focus and passion on birth work. She feels blessed and eager to continue working as a part of the SA Birth Blessings team.

Melissa Sladen
Postpartum Doula (PPD)
Doula Birth Blessings-25.jpg
Doula Birth Blessings-11.jpg
Siobhan Wil
Intern - Doula in Training, Postpartum support
Melissa’s calling to doula work began after the delivery of her own son four years ago. She specializes in postpartum and newborn care. Melissa has been accredited by two types of very programs, Doula Trainings International and DONA International. She also works as a part-time CNA and is CPR certified. She is continuously humbled by getting to serve each family she works with and hopes to enhance their experience and journey into parenthood.

Siobhan is eldest of a large family (10 kids) and a bible school graduate. For 15+ years, she has been caring for children from the ages of birth-16 years old, as well as, children with special needs. After her first nannied child turned 23 this year, Siobhan has truly become a veteran in supporting families. She started a home cleaning business, and enjoys cooking and baking for her families. One unique skill that she brings to our team is her expertise in English Sign Language. Siobhan taught young students to adults for 15 years and continues to love supporting others utilizing this skill in their home.

We are excited to have her on our team as she is currently going through a certification course to be a Postpartum Doula and Birth Doula with SA Birth Blessings. She loves supporting new moms cherish their unique birth experience and the precious families she gets to know.

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